Frequently asked questions

What is the standard of play in the club and is there a minimum standard to join?

The standard of play in club is quite broad, ranging from Club/League to County standard. Most players in the club enjoy the game and like to be challenged during club nights, so if you are a beginner you may find it a struggle, but if you are a confident and active player and enjoy the game you should thrive within the club. The best way to find out is to come along to a club night and try us out. That way you can see for yourself if you might fit in and we can also give you helpful guidance to help you decide if this is the club for you.

Can I come along and try a club night without joining?

Yes, and we would encourage you to do so. The fee for non-club members is £5.00 per night. You may come along to 3 sessions as a non-member after which time an offer of membership may be made or requested with the final decision resting with the club.

What costs are involved if I decide to play with the club?

Full Membership

Seniors: £130 per season
Juniors: £65 per season (ie. students in full-time education)

Pay and Play Membership
Seniors: £25 per season and £5 per night
Juniors: £15 per season and £3 per night
1st night FREE - then £5 per night for the next two sessions after which either FULL or PAY & PLAY membership is required.

Does the club participate in any Competitions or Leagues?

As well as organizing club level games, we also have 4 teams playing in the Norwich and District Badminton League

  • 2 x Mixed
  • 1 x Mens
  • 1 x Womens

Does the club play all year round?

Officially the club only plays during the normal Badminton season from September through April. However, the members do arrange weekly ad-hoc games throughout the summer for which there is a very good turnout. Invited guests from other clubs or individuals seeking to play throughout the Summer months are always welcome to play at these games.

What kind of shuttles do you play with and what equipment would I need to bring?

We play with feather shuttles both during and out of season. These are provided by the club during the normal badminton season, or by whoever is organizing the games out of season (Individual fees are adjusted to cover both the cost of the courts and shuttles out of season).

As well as a badminton racket you will need a pair of non-marking court shoes and some suitable sports clothing. Unless you are playing in the league, the colour and design of clothing is entirely up to you.

How do I join the club and will I be insured?

If you are interested in joining then come along to a club night and speak to a committee member. Any of the regular players should be able to point you in the direction of a committee member. We can then speak to you about the membership options and take your details or contact:


Nick Saunders

Mobile: 07971914893

Your subscription is partly used for affiliation to Badminton Engalnd and also goes towards County Fees, which includes insurance.  All members have to pay subscriptions to be insured.

There is casual insurance for visitors, but you cannot be a visitor for more than three sessions.


Do you offer Coaching and are Juniors encouraged to join?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer coaching.

Juniors who have reached a good standard are encouraged to join us, but please bear in mind the standard of play at the club is generally high and may not be suitable for all juniors.

There is a Junior Badminton Club in Beccles who play at the same facility.



Beccles Sports Centre - Tel: Beth Drinkell 07776398422


Are there changing rooms and showers I can use at the club?

Yes, there are both male and female changing rooms and showers at the club facility.

I'm interested in playing competitively. How do you get a place on the team?

When you join Beccles Badminton Club, one of the questions on the form will ask you if you are interested in playing competetively. If you aswer yes, then you will be considered for a place on the team at the beginning of the next season, or during the season if there is an opening.

At the beginning of the season the Selection Committee meets to select team places. All interested players will be considered and the teams selected for the season.

Do I need to bring a partner for doubles games?

If you have a partner who you usually play with, then please feel free to bring them along. All of the same rules regarding fees, membership etc. will apply equally to your partner. However, it is not necessary to bring a partner just in order to play doubles as the peg-board method of play that we use provides plenty of opportunity to select a partner from those members attending.

How many courts do you use, for how long, and how is play organized?

During the season 3 or 4 courts are used for play. If a home League game is to be played, depending on the situation, one or two courts may be used for the League games with the remaining court(s) used for club games. Flexibility in court allocation is necessary on these nights to ensure everyone is accommodated and the smooth running of scheduled games. Courts are booked for 3 hours 7pm to 10pm and a Peg-Board system is used to allocate players and courts.

During the off-season, the number of courts and duration will be based on the number of players committing to playing off-season games. On occasion we have had more people showing up for off-season badminton than for the regular club sessions in-season! Duration can vary but is usually 2 hours from 8pm to 10pm.


How does the Pegboard System work?

Beccles Badminton Club uses a pegboard system to organise player selection during club night games. The pegboard is a very simple arrangement of three rows of pegs as shown below.
  • Bottom Row: Club Members Pegs
  • Middle Row: Members Waiting to Play
  • Top Row: Members Currently Playing
These are the basic rules:
  • Each club member should have a peg with their name on it available on the bottom row of the board
  • Each visitor will be given a 'visitor' peg with their name on it and a V to denote Visitor
  • When you first arrive at a club night, place your peg at the back of the queue on the 'Waiting to Play' row
  • The player whose peg is first in line in this row is  “Next To Choose” and may select any combination of 3 other players from the next seven pegs in that queue. (Visitors are not expected or required to select players and may ask the next 'Member' in line to make the selection for them)
  • If there are already players on court who have finished their game, the winning pair coming off of the court are responsible for removing their players pegs from the  'Currently playing' area of the board and placing the pegs at the end of the 'Waiting to Play' queue with the winning pair ahead of the losing pair