28th Sep 2011


Match report by Nick Saunders

The Beccles Badminton Club Men's team kicked off the new season with a home game against Teachers 3.
The team was sporting a new look from last season with the introduction of a new player along with the return of former members. The new pairings seemed to work well however as Brett + Nigel played brilliantly to comfortably win all three of their matches putting the team in a great position. Unfortunately the evening didn't go quite so smoothly for the other pairings of Rob + Nick and Robin + Keiron.
Rob + Nick started the evening well with victories in their first two matches but tiredness and powerful smashing from their third and final opponents meant they weren't able to overcome them. Robin + Keiron also put in a very good performance considering they had not played a match together before. Despite the lack of playing practice they were able to win the first of their matches and took the other two to three games. The final result was 6 - 3 to Beccles.
It was a great first performance from the team and is hopefully the shape of things to come.


1 Home v 1 Away 21/16 & 21/9 to Beccles
2 Home v 2 Away 21/19 & 21/13 to Beccles
3 Home v 3 Away 21/10 & 21/10 to Beccles
2 Home v 1 Away 21/19 17/21 & 11/21 to Teachers
3 Home v 2 Away 21/11 & 21/14 to Beccles
1 Home v 3 Away 21/17 & 23/21 to Beccles
3 Home v 1 Away 16/21 & 18/21 to Teachers
1 Home v 2 Away 21/14 & 21/18 to Beccles
2 Home v 3 Away 17/21 - 21/12 & 12/21 to Teachers

Final score  6/3 to Beccles
5th Oct, 2011


Match report by Emma Welton


The Mixed "B" team started their season with a home match against Besthorpe. It was good to have Nigel back in the team and a warm welcome to Robin. 
Besthorpe have re-entered the League after a missed season and had some new young players.
Nigel & Claire began the show with a 2:1 victory, followed by Nick & Sonia, with the same result. The third pairing of Robin & Emma secured another win (2:0). Unfortunately, Nigel & Claire narrowly lost their next game, but Nick & Sonia managed a comfortable 2:0 win.
In the ladies' games, Claire & Emma lost 2:1, however Sonia and Emma ensured a final ladies' win. In the men's games, both the pairings secured victories, with the final result 7:2 to Beccles.
Many thanks to Besthorpe, who ensured that all the games were enjoyably competitive.
A great start to the season team "B", with hopefully more victories to come! 


1H & 4H v 2A & 5A: 20/22, 21/16, 22/20

2H & 5H v 1A & 4A: 19/21, 21/9, 21/16

3H & 6H v 3A & 6A: 21/18, 21/8

1H & 4H v 1A & 4A: 21/23, 16/21

2H & 5H v 2A & 5A: 21/10, 21/19

6H & 4H v 6A & 4A: 21/12, 6/21, 17/21

3H & 1H v 3A & 1A: 21/17, 21/16

6H & 5H v 6A & 5A: 21/16, 20/22, 21/17

3H & 2H v 3A & 2A: 21/16, 18/21, 21/17


Final score 7/2 to Beccles


12th Oct 2011


Match report by Louise Ball


Ladies had a very interesting start to the season. It started off with turning up at the wrong hall!!! To then go to another wrong hall, Eaton Eagles play at Taverham High School when matches are on Wednesday.
We finally arrived nearly 1 hour late. On entering the hall I received a phone call from my son Callum to say he was on his way to A&E (leg injury playing rugby!!!). So the pressure was on as we needed to finish games by the hall was only booked until then, plus i needed to get to A&E. So myself, Lindsay, Sonia and Emma went on court. By the half way point we were 6- 2 down. It could only get better! It did, we finished the match losing 9-7.
So not the best start to the season but it was an interesting one. I would like to thank the team for their brilliant playing and support with Callum. I got home from A&E at 12.30am, with a son on crutches due to ligament damage. I would like to finish this report sending Kari get well wishes.
Eaton Eagles 9 - Beccles 7